Setting up a virtual machine locally using vagrant and puppet – Day 1

As a sophisticated software developer, have you ever encountered a situation that you need a blank new environment to test some software settings/installations/configurations before rolling it out to production?  A real world example is that, let say, mac book is your main development machine but you need to work on your big data pipeline and test a specific hadoop cloudera version, let say CDH5, for any compatibility issue on a linux ubuntu operating system before deploying your branch to the production environment.  It will be too much if you ask your boss to get you a new linux machine for just testing that.  With the help of Vagrant and puppet, we can download any blank pre-built operation system (in this case, the linux ubuntu) and stimulate it on your local machine( for the sake of simplicity, i will call it a workstation from now on)!   In this tutorial, i am going to show you how to how to do this easily:

To start with,

  1. download VirtualBox first at: and install it.
  2. download a version of Vagrant that suits your machine at here: and install it.
  3. To save the time, i have created a simple vagrant script and puppet script that get you started quickly: create a directory ~/vagrant-dev-test in your home directory and grab the two file: Vagrantfile, manifests/site.pp from  The directory structure now on your local should look like this:
  4. Inside the directory ~/vagrant-dev-test, type this command to bring up the virtual box:

    vagrant up

             It should look something like this in your as below:


    Sit back and relax for like 15-20mins as the new box is going to be built and the dependencies are being downloaded.

  5. Now the box should be built.  To ssh into the new box, type:

    vagrant ssh kenbox1


Congrats! You have now just built a new linux ubuntu box with help from puppet script on top on your mac workstation! In the next section which will come in next week, i will explain more the in and out of Vagrant and Puppet and some tricks on it. Stay tuned!


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