Typing less and less by reducing the amount of directory navigations

For all the lazy unix/mac coders: If you are like me, a super lazy unix shell users, the first enemy is usually the fatigue from your wrist and hand by having to type lot of key-strokes everyday.  In order to stay away from this natural enemy and save us some precious time to navigate back to the parent directory(ies), I wrote a small script to enable the bash shell quickly go back to a specific parent directory or N levels up instead of typing cd ../../.. redundantly.

On side node, why use bash-b but not pushd/popd all the times?
Here is the reason: pushd and popd are definitely handy in general cases regardless of where you are traversing in the whole file system. However, if you are traversing back to the parent directory, bash-back will outperform pushd/popd. For example, say, you are in aa/bb/cc/dd/ee/ff folder and if you want to traverse back to aa/bb/cc folder, it only requires one operation (i.e. ‘b cc’ or even simplier ‘b c’ as the script will do reqular expression search than exact search on the parent directory names). However, in pushd/popd use case, there are two operations involved (i.e. pushd on aa/bb/cc folder and popd it)

Anyway, for details and installation and usage, please refer to https://github.com/wwken/bash-b

Enjoy! Yay, less and less typing for life!