Building a multi-node Spark cluster on your local machine using vagrant and puppet

I cannot imagine it has been 8 months already since my last post of building a Hadoop cluster.  Anyway, have you ever gone through some pains of setting up a single standalone Spark instance on your local machine at all and dealing with lot of configuration issues these kind of pains?  If yes, it is gonna be more hassle for the multi-node Spark version!  Now no more I can assure that, as with the Spark big data framework has been gaining more popularity, I am going to prepare a Vagrant-Puppet repo for Spark in order to demonstrate how to build one multi-node Spark cluster locally on your work station (In this tutorial, I will build a one Spark master node and two Spark worker node.). The benefit of having a test cluster locally can speed up software development and testing cycles without, needless to say.

For details, please go to: